Data Privacy


Through the SCCTS or South Cotabato Contact Tracing System Data Collection Form which is adopted by the City Government of Bacolod, information such as your COMPLETE NAME, COMPLETE ADDRESS, CONTACT NUMBER, GENDER and BIRTHDATE are being collected. These will be then stored in the database, while your health condition or COVID status is not.

Use of CCTS-Logger mobile app and the information that will be obtained:

• Your QR code will be scanned upon entering an establishment.

• Your information such as your name, age, address, mobile number and birthdate will not be viewed by the establishments you have checked into. They would only see the number of people they have scanned at the bottom of the CCTS-Logger app.


BaCTrac through SCCTS, collects the locations or establishments, the date and time you've checked into to facilitate COVID-19 contact tracing more efficiently.
We assure that BaCTrac, adopted from SCCTS is intended for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes only. You can use your mobile device and browse website safely and securely. In addition, National Privacy Commission will inform you immediately if any data or security breach occurs.


The Bacolod City Government EOC or Emergency Operations Center will have access to system's stored movement history ( what establishments, the dates and times they have checked in) of a confirmed COVID-19 individual. With which, they will also check who entered or present in the establishment/s during the movement of the said confirmed COVID-19 patient. Thru this, contact tracing of suspected or probable COVID-19 individuals will be conducted. This information will not be shown in the application, but will be compiled in a much secure server which does not store any health or confidential information or status of the COVID-19 cases. Furthermore, RA 11332's requirements are being complied by the Emergency Operations Center or Bacolod City Government as a whole, that it shall only be done by the DOH and its authorized personnel.

We assure that only authorized personnel of BaCTrac have access to the information you have provided. Outside parties of data centers who only process data according to their duties or assignments do not have access to information that will enable your identification according to their privacy statement.

While your information will be kept in the system for 60 days at maximum or until mandated by the authority to be securely removed after the said time frame. However, if the law requires us to keep your information, we will do so. On the other hand, if you want your information to be securely removed from the system, contact us through our information provided below.


To avoid the misuse, manipulation, or loss of your data, application of the right security measures is done to cover and protect the equipment used and the organization as a whole. The third-party provider of our data centers, does not provide any authorized entity or personnel any access to the account or database storing any individual’s data. We assure that your information is secure through security controls such as encryption and firewall.


The Data Privacy Act or RA 10173 provides you specific rights to your information. If you want to exercise your rights or if you would like to learn more about how BACTRAC processes your information, please contact Emergency Operations Center at or (034) 432-2749.